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Ten to One

Whittling them down since 2006

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New livejournal game!

As the name suggests, we start off with ten players, whittling the group down one by one until only, uh, one remains.

This will be accomplished through a series of weekly challenges, in the vein of the various online Survivor/'reality' games that you may or may not be aware of. Perform well in the challenge, and we will see you in the next round. The TWO worst performers each week, however, depending on the specific challenge criteria, will be forced to compete head-to-head for survival in one more challenge, with the victor claiming the coveted final spot in the next round, the loser banished from the game FOREVER!
Rounds like this will continue until we are left with a final 2, who will then battle it out in one final super-challenge to determine who will be the champion of the TEN TO ONE game!

Challenges will be different each week, testing your knowlege, mental/strategic abilities, people skills, determination, and other such nonsense. Excitement and fierce competition will ensue, believe you me.

This game is set to begin in early 2006. Please see the first post in the community if you are interested in getting in the game, and sign up. You won't regret it.